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to Z or not to Z
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Thinking the code Z-26, Z-27 and Z-28 decides the hierarchy of Camaros because of simple numerical order is ridiculous.... example: Z06, Z71, Z85.

AND, the Z/28 was not the top dog in the 60's, other than on a road course it was out performed by several: SS396 and COPO 427s as well as the
ZL1 - aluminum 427.
After the 350 was put in the Z/28 it became the performance car, as compression ratios and cubic inches began dwindling away.....

The Z/28 should be the most available V8, as it has been the most popular Camaro for most of the previous 35 years of production. Let SS be a trim package and let the gt500kr killer be a ZL1 or IROC or COPO... whatever.
I want the Z/28, for the $30k version.

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