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Hey.......First 2010 Camaro in the 10's

1.64 60ft

Car went some more 11 second passes N/A tonight.

STOCK LONGBLOCK, 2060 miles.


Full details of car and run:
1.64 60ft
-- Front wheels are CCW 16x3
-- Rear wheels are Zo6 18's with MT 315 30 18 dragradials at 22 psi.
-- Front brakes are 2002 Fbody
-- Car has 1-7/8 LG SuperPro longtube headers,LG Catback, CAI, Custom tuning and the new Nitro Daves Nitrous Outlet 2010 Camaro 90mm plate system pilled at 150.
-- Stock longblock,stock clutch/trans and stock suspension all around. Weighed in at 3820 with no weight removed from the car beside the wheels and tires front and back. Complete interior remains in the car.
-- Car has run a best so far of 11.8 @116 on motor making 427 rwhp and 428 rwtq. Didnt dyno the car on nitrous.Assuming it makes around 575 rwhp.
-- Cam is going in the car this week and should make 500rwhp and run 11.4's on motor and 10.60's on the nitrous. Stock clutch has performed awesome up to this point though getting the 3800lb car off the line takes its toll on it.
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