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Originally Posted by diarmadhi View Post
Don't care,

Call it a pinto, Im after the Base V8.
I'd rather not have my Pinto/camaro explode when a basketball hits the rear end of the car thx

Z28 sounds hella cooler than "SS", because theres so many "SS" within Chevy, its over done imo.
when you hear "Z28" you know what someone is talking about; dead on.
when I hear Z28, doesn't matter what generation it is, I think - Instantly - "Badass Camaro". It holds a certain power behind the name.
when I hear "SS" I think of 1 of the other many "SS" trimmed cars. and I don't like to think of the camaro ss as "just another similarly named trim"
It needs to be unique. this isn't going to be your average muscle/sport car.
It's gonna be a Camaro, and it Should be a Camaro Z/28.

"Camaro Z/28 is back. Gentlemen, Don't even bother to start your engines."
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