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I just know nothing about the camaro's history. However, I think there should be a top dog Z28 for strategix reasons:
- Chevy can't let Ford alone on the Gt 500 segment
- We've seen a pic of a SS which seemed pretty close to a final model. Thus, I hardly imagine chevy releasing the whole offer the same day (V6 + V8 + Top god+convert). To keep the movement going, they have to release new stuffs regularly. Thus, I guess the top dog wouldn't be ready yet. Thus, It wouldn't be the SS.
- having the top dog being a 400 hp car would, I guess, kill the poney car image. Ford would laugh at chevy, I guess chevy people are here to make a car that would beat the mustang, every mustang and not building a wifey car.

However, I assume the whole industry is having hard times. GM canceled some programs and people are gonna be fired. But chevy is maknig now a lot of "reasonnable" cars. Corvette is not even badged chevy anymore. Thus chevy needs a z28

However, everything written here is coming from me .. thus ... it's maybe complete bullshit .. well ... probably complete bullshit
I'm kindly asking: "May I have a supercharged Z28 with 550 hp please? By the end of 2009 would be awesome. Thanks"
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