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Originally Posted by STS Guy View Post
BINGO, It is not the piping, intercooler, BOV, wastegate...or any other buzzword you can think of. It is the tuning. We work very close to a few tuning companies:
(HP Tuner, Diablo, Predator are probably names you recognize)
They have got to get the tuning baselines so we can get the car running right.

The hangup has been they just can't get it to teh standars they see fit. But it will happen. The car is just very, very new.
Just to follow up a bit more... again posted by HP Tuners the other day:

"If its E69 its in the same boat as the E69 in the 08+ CTS unfortunately as we haven't even written the bootloaders for it :("

And yes, the V6 Camaro uses the E69....
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