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One of the things that makes a huge difference is just how much HP you will run. Some of our Pedders dealers has already busted rear axles with just a tune. So this is a big area of concern.

Pedders will have solid rear diff mount bushings, your choice of either an entire rear cradle bushing set or hd cradle bushing inserts, and all of the bushings for the rear suspension assembly. We have not yet tested our Xa coil overs for drag racing yet. But you will be able to raise the back end approx 1 inch over OE height for those that want the big meats in the back.

You will also want our Pedders rear eccentric adjuster kits. You will not be able to get the rear cambers where you would want for an effective tire patch for drags.

You will probably want to install our front caster adjusters as well. this will assist you in a better straight line steering.

So this should be a good start for everyone.

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