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Originally Posted by Mohrg Beast View Post
well hmm..ive written several post about getting one turbo from Ultimate Performance Parts, then they fell through..then i wrote some post about still looking for one, then i jus wrote a few about finding someone else to do it, someone thats more reputable too. and thats about it..and in all of those post you seem to put your two cents in where nobody cares..yeah they havent got the turning yet..but somebody has to start somewhere..and if a very regonizable company says "hey we will take your car and begin putting a turbo in it, just bring it to the funfest have fun there and well take your car from there" then yeah, im going to be excited about it and post it for the people that i told id post all the information i can while i search for a if they dont end up doing it, ill post that as well..and when i find someone else ill post that..its a forum that you post on, thats what you do is post. but im sure youll be searching for any post about a turbo from me so you can talk some more crap about its just a never ending ask how many post are you going to post, but youre no better cause you always seem to make an appearance in every thread i post in being negative..dude give it up..youre not bothering me..i told tran that i was going to quit posting on this site altogether and he told me to not quit and to keep posting about my search for a i am going to..if you dont like what i say QUIT READING EVERYTHING I WRITE AND POSTING NEGATIVE GARBAGE.
Like you's a public forum... i'll post if i want...
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