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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
I've got an idea....

since we have gotten quite a few reported posts about you two going back and forth, why don't BOTH of you give it a rest?

No one is tuning for V6's....and it seems like you've contacted quite a few people about this. Cool. Hope it works out for you. Let us know when you find someone to do it...and if they back out, let us know they backed out. But, tell us who is going to work it for you and WHO backed out....THAT seems to be important. If you get no info, seems there is nothing going on with the turbo's.

And for someone else, even though you might be right that no one is making a turbo, there's no need to continue at the person who's hopeful. Let him talk all he wants...and if he doesn't get it, it will not only stink for him, but you can say, "I told you so." But, let's not hassle people (as this is how someone feels).

No need for this
Cool... But as you said, i reserve the right to post "I told you so..."
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