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yeah, i dont see how you get complaints about you two. i simply post information i get. i do not want to post the names of the companies doing it cause someone could simply harrass them like last time till the decide not to do it. and if you have seen my post before i have posted the name of the companies that talked about it and the ones that dropped out. i dont see how i get "repremanded" for just posting information that is productive and informative.all i said on this site is that i like the concept of the STS turbo kit, others get on here and bash STS all to hell. i said if this other company dont come through with the turbo they want to do after Funfest then im going to talk to STS about doing one for me..then he starts as usual. and then when i try to explain, not to him, but to the others thousands of people that may be reading this thread that im not a liar and all the other accusations that he accuses me of im pulled into the "enough from you two" category. Can i not just give someone common props without being complained too then later repremanded..then even after that he has to get the last word. how does it turn from me saying "hey i like the idea of an STS intake" to feeling like i have to say sorry for nothing.
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