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Lingenfelter Performance Engineering Customers

Through the few ramblings I have posted here, a couple of people have contacted me about my choice of sending my 2010 to Lingenfelter Engineering for the 650 HP upgrade. After answering a couple of questions several times I thought a thread was in order.

Before purchasing my car off the lot I had done some research on engine performance upgrades or "super cars" as some vendors like to call them. I follow the collector car market somewhat and the right package from the right vendor can add considerable value to what can be construed as a future collectible. Case in point, Yenko or Shelby.
Due to this fact, I would only consider a notable player who had been in the field for some time.

After researching some of the more major players (outside of internet forums) I settled on Lingenfelter. I have had personal contact with 2 owners who have had cars done by them and both could not say enough about there experiences. Lingenfelter has been around a long time, +30 years. Even after John Lingenfelter's untimely death, the company has thrived. This is a major concern if you are planning on keeping a car that has been modified like this.

One other thing I noticed to be true of Lingenfelter is many owners who have had one car worked by them have gone on to a second or third car. I think this says a lot for them, probably more that I ever could!
Lingenfelter seems to pretty much specialize in GM cars, primarily the vettes. I think if any car could be compared to the 2010 Camaro, it is the C6 Corvettes. This to is important as all work on these new model year cars is uncharted territory.

Common sense told me the internals needed upgrading. Forged parts, worked heads, valves, etc. If I wasn't willing to upgrade these parts, then one might have as well just bolt on a 150+ HP nitrous kit. That would be the cheapest way to more horses "on demand" and if one coughs the motor, at that point you can replace the internals.

To me the car is for weekend fun once in a while. My 2008 C6 Roadster has never seen rain, snow, or salt and never will. Although I am not as concerned about rain with the Camaro, it will not see snow or salt ever.
As far as hard core track play, it's all about 1320 foot times. A tire and wheel change at the track should be the ticket for traction, although I have already began discussion on wheel hop with Lingenfelter. To think I would ever visit Road America or some other road race course with the Camaro seems far fetched. A total stock vette would make it look silly due to engineering or weight issues.

The Camaro was, and hopefully will be, know as American Muscle. Brutally fast off the line and more horse power than is needed!

I do have some concerns with the transmission (auto). This is the most uncharted territory as the car weighs more than 800 heavier than like powered Corvettes. The stick car never even entered my mind. I have driven enough trucks, cranes, etc. in Chicago traffic to know that's way more work than what I want during "relaxation" time. On Lingenfelter's recommendation, I contacted RPM Transmission and opted to upgrade the clutches. They are presently working on developing a mid shaft for the trans but I didn't want to wait.

I am expecting on having my car back within 2 weeks so I will post performance information and likes or dislikes as they become available. Until then I welcome any one's questions.
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