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Hey everyone, my name's 2ma, I'm 20 yrs old, and I live in Arizona. So Papa John's was giving out a free large one toping pizza to anyone that comes in with a Camaro on Aug. 26th. My plan was to find some old used Camaro at some dealership, pretend to test drive it, go down to a Papa John's and order me and my friend a free pizza. So we found one online, the only one in the area, and we went down to Power Toyota to put our plan into motion. When we arrived there we asked to see if they had it and they all said no, but they checked they're data base just to be sure and low and behold they had it!! Apparently it's been there for so long and it was all the way in the back that no one even knew that they had it lol. So we drove all the way to the back and on the way there me and my friend were thinkin... "Hell ya free pizza!!!", but when we actually saw it we were both really surprised. This 85 Camaro was in great condition, it looked freakin sweet and it was really smooth ride. I was loving this car so much so quick and I was thinkin "Crap now I'm actually thinking of buying this car". This was never apart of my plan. I was just doing this to get a free pizza in celebration of Papa John finding his original 1971 Camaro. I couldn't make my decision right then and there, I wanted to take a few days to think about it. After that whole ordeal, me and my friend were still really hungry so we still went down to the Papa John's to try and get a free pizza. Though I didn't have an actual Camaro, I did have a computer mouse in the form of a 2010 Camaro (It's actually a really cool mouse lol) and tried to see if we could get away with that. Looks like we couldn't so we payed for the pizza. At this point we didn't care cause we were so hungry.

So two day's later I made my decision of getting that 1985 Camaro. Me and my friend went down to the dealership again and talked to the same guy and we made the deal. This is the very first car that I'm buying for myself and it was really exciting. I never knew buying a car from a dealership would take so long, but it did lol. In the end I got my 1985 Chevy Camaro for $2000. It needs some interior work but everything else is in great condition. I'm gonna have a lot of fun fixin this car up.

My goal in the beginning was to get a 2010 Camaro 1LT, instead i ended up getting a 1985 Camaro (with a V6). I'm still planning on getting my dream car, but in the mean time I'm gonna have fun with my new/old car :thum bup:

Oh and I got this car while my parents were in Cali visiting my sister. Imagine how surprised they were when they found an old Camaro in front of their house :confuse d0068:

I'll be posting up pics and a video of it too later today so keep in touch.

oh and thing I should probably mention is that I don't work for Papa John's but instead Dominos lol :P

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