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Originally Posted by talwell View Post
There is no doubt that Lingenfelter is one of the top notch tuners in the business. The only issue that many people have when trying to decide on Lingenfelter is the price tag that comes along with this reputation and quality of service. Never to say you dont get what you pay for, just some dont have the extra ching to drop on these upper shelf tuners.
I agree whole heartedly. There is no magic bullet. You get what you pay for with an honest, sincere vendor. As a business owner, I spend a great deal of time and money verifying the vendors I use will live up to there expectations. This being said, you do have to look out for the "not so sincere" vendors.
Also one has to be honest with one's self, on how much money he wants to put into a toy.
I think others here can contribute to the fact that "he who writes the biggest check goes the fastest". It is pretty much this way with everything. Baseball, football, racing, etc.
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