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Kuwait camaro show

hey guys , today is the opening show of the camaro in Kuwait , dealer told me all of the camaro's are booked ..

so here is what i booked

2SS\RS victory red / beige interior

if you are kuwaiti then read this:


, hope they got my order correct , just now i went to the dealer to see if everything went well , and this what i get : you booked 1SS with no rs package .. i freaked a little but i knew that this would happen cuz normally dealers doesn't pay attention here they just wanna sell sell and sell. i have a copy of the booking sheet but it doesn't say anything about the options, just the car the model and my name ..
any advises ?

so i hope i get what i want i can't wait any longer and good luck to you guys in getting what your camaromind wants =)
its gonna be big in Safat Al.Ghanim today 1/9 .. ill post some pictures as soon i get any ..
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