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Originally Posted by Scott@Bjorn3D View Post
The last run in this thread was like 5.4 in 90 degree temps and humid. If we had the 1 foot rollout it would be like 4.9-5.2 The 1 foot rollout is the same you get at the track and when they do 0-60 testing in the mags for wheel spin.
Right, Scott, rollout is just a way to mimick what happens at the track, which I've read a lot of mags and manufacturers do use. The Beltronics computer I used was set for a 12" rollout, so my best 0-60 of 4.80 (78degs., 63% humidity) might have been 5.1, 5.2 without it. The owners manual uses the example that if your car pulls .50G off the line, it will take .35sec. for it to travel 12 inches. Thus your times are .35sec. faster since the timer won't start until after the car travels 12 inches.

Yes, irpq, I couldn't take it any longer and finally got the nerve to see how quick it really was...or wasn't. Like JICPerformance suggested, I think a battery disconnect is a good starting point for guys with underperforming cars. Mine was disconnected for a couple of hours while the muffler delete was being done. That's the only thing that may have helped mine, although it may have been fine even before.
Have you gotten yours back yet???
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