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Originally Posted by Camarorss350 View Post
well, all i can say is that i had a thirdgen camaro with a little 350hp motor, which has an almost identical suspension set-up as a forthgen and that thing had horrible grip in the turns. Straight line performance was decent as it would hook on my launches but cornering was always bad. Both 3rd and 4th gen fbodies utilized torque-arm suspension which technically should have helped in the corners but didnt because of the Solid Rear Axle. The 5th gen uses a 5 link suspension with a Independent Rear Axle. Honestly the 5th gen should perform better in corners with some stiffer sways and strut/shocks.
That's nice and all but it lacks factual information.

3rd Gen Iroc-Zs were incredible handlers and pulled .92 on the skid many years ago. I don't understand how you can claim they were horrible when the 'numbers' clearly show otherwise.

The SRA setup you just made fun of is actually currently deployed in the latest Mustang GT (TP) that is pulling better numbers than the IRS Camaro. SRA != Poor Handling.... IRS != Great Handling... it's simply not black and white.
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