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Originally Posted by KarlChev View Post
$8k off on a Z06? Worst deal I have heard about here was $1500 over invoice. If you don't make a G on a Z06, you should not be selling.....
My previous employer, #1 vette dealer in Wisconsin and #2 in the midwest, sells them on digitalcorvettes, and their own site. That's why they sell 3-400 vettes a year, at invoice, GMS or less.

The owner of the dealership is the only private owner of a actual used Indy pace car corvette used during the race. This is not a "replica" but a car he provided, and was converted, as a part of a chevy contest he won. His car also has options not included on the regular pace cars, making it more valuable. Here's a pic:

I may not work there, but I respect them as the nation's #1 vette dealer, in price and customer satisfaction.

I took that same principal to my friends dealership - and we are treating our future Camaro customers with the same respect. We promise to be fair, fun, and competitive!
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