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Originally Posted by Camarorss350 View Post
I dont really care about the "numbers" i care about what i see with my own eyes, and what i feel when im driving a car.

Anyone can claim numbers all day, but it doesnt really matter until you drive a car yourself.

you are correct, the new stangs do employ a torque arm suspension and also there are kits available to turn fox body stangs into torque-arm setups as well and they work great im not denying that, its all about how the parts are made (stamped steel vs tubed or something of that sort) and how the geometry is setup. This type of suspension can be great when utilized correctly.

If you like the older cars suspension feeling, sell your 2010 and get one.

Was this a base model 3rd gen you had? There were quite a few different models aith a lot of different suspension setups. The ones I have been in, particularly a stock lower mileage 91 Z28 and lower mileage 92 TAs, both handled great, no body roll, and was like they were on rails.
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