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I think it is still a rare car. Camaro production is still low compared to many other cars, but it isn't a mainstream car. We probably won't really see many until there are a couple hundred thousand on the road. Also, I think the produced numbers vs delivered numbers might be a bit misleading. I would venture to say the delivered numbers indicate deliveries within the United States and may not include Canada, Mexico or any other place that is in extreme need of American Glory. I was looking at other cars that are enthusiast cars. I'm not trolling, but the Prius is a tree humper enthusiast car and it is selling massively around the world. In Japan alone, it sold almost 30,000 units in August. The Prius is a mainstream car that is technically exciting, but the doorstop shape just doesn't do it for me. What I like about GM is the diversity of the lineup. Same with Ford. Good diversity. Toyota has been a bore and Honda is well on its way. If GM continues on its current track, our garage will have the Silverado Hybrid to replace our Dodge Dakota, Volt to replace our Civic Hybrid and Z28 convertible just because it will be rediculous cool.
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