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Originally Posted by Next Level Performance View Post
A Big Thanks goes out to everyone who showed up, it was a great day and turnout, I think the total number was over 30 cars, about 20 of them were new Camaros, and 11 dyno's. There were more cars up front that weren't in the pictures, I didn't get a chance to get an official count, too busy on the dyno, and talking with everybody.

I am thinking of maybe having next year's before spring so it won't be so hot, let me know what everyone thinks about maybe April or May, maybe even twice a year, spring and fall??

Again, Thanks to everyone, it was a great show, and a lot of Great looking cars.

Either one works for me! I'll be there This time I'll fly to Tampa or Orlando. Can't afford speeding tickets

Getting caught speeding from Miami to Orlando doing 88mph in a 70 - $131
Getting pulled over in a rented camaro SS......Priceless!
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