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Originally Posted by Sack Rat 2SS View Post
Still have my C5R 427 CI TT C-5 Vette. This car was done six years ago at LPE in Indianna and I cannot fathom parting with it. What would I replace it with?? Idles at 650 rpm, 720 rwhp, quiet, no emissions problems, no DIC codes, and still runs like snot!! The CORE people at LPE are still there and they have tons of business for all the right reasons, quality and performance.

My car was worked on by Andy of ADM Performance when it was at Indiana for a Phase II forged TT motor six years ago. Now, Andy is in the Camaro5 business here in the DFW area and developing product for our Camaros. So, what do you see in my 2010 Camaro's future?? Dah!! Not TT this time but a serious forged NA motor for my SS/RS 6 spd. He has worked on my cars for over 20 years doing many various minor and major tweeks and tunes. Anyone in or near DFW area or Indianna area wanting to do some tweeks to their Camaro needs to check out LPE and/or ADM Performance.
SWEET! I have heard alot of good things about ADM also. Lingy was much closer for me. The "I could never part with it" comment is also something I have heard from many other Lingenfelter infused owners. Thanks
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