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Originally Posted by CamaroSpike23 View Post
who said that? we've speculated, but there are no confirmed prices yet. hell, there's no confirmed Z28
It just my guess. I am guessing like everyone else.

My thinking is that a base C6 is in the range of 45-50K and I think it would be hard to sell a Camaro over a Corvette when they have similar performance characteristics.

Also I think GM will price the Top Dog Camaro under the current GT500...

The Z28 may not be confirmed, but I think GM is not going to let Mustang win the HP race.

Granted, with 91 Octane California gas at $4.80/gal, there may not be a market for a 550HP S/C Camaro, but I think GM has already done most of the leg work with the LS9 and LSA to be able to offer a Z28 Camaro with minimal extra development costs.
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