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Originally Posted by RickyTheStorm View Post
Thank you for being honest Scotty - many dealerships aren't. I do understand the allocation of cars - but what about ordering? Is it possible for anyone to order the car how they want without worrying about the numbers allocated to each dealer since they are ordering from the factory? I plan on ordering mine so I get everything exactly how I want rather than having a pick on the lot and getting/losing items not needed or wanted.
If we order for a customer or for the lot, it comes out of our allocation that they will set. Like I said, the sooner you know the better. I will be able to build out a car to your specs and send you a copy of the build. Once approved, a deposit is placed (unless you want a guaranteed spot in our first round of order allocation, then I'd make a deposit now) and your car is ordered. It should arrive 4-7 weeks later. Given my love for the car, and these two forums I watch, one would guess it would be a while before we have cars sitting on the lot available for immediate sale. That doesn't bother me at all - that time will come soon enough.

If at the time of purchase there are lot cars out there in the config you're looking for, we can try trading for them. That's a hard trade since most dealers want a car back like the one they're trading for.....UNLESS we have something THEY want - that causes flexibilty, and they may give it up so both dealers have a win-win deal.
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