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OK so this next part was kind of difficult(it feals like your breaking your headlight assembly but i called Oracle and he said it just sucks to do and have at it). From here on in there are pretty detailed instructions from Oracle, you heat up the oven to 230( i heated mine up to 275 after a couple of rounds at 230) and stick a headlight in there, i suppose a heat gun would have worked just as well but i decided to follow instructions. Put it in there for 20 mins and the pop the tabs on the headlight lens and get a screw driver up under the lens with the plastic still soft. This was far easier said then done. It took me a lot of tries at 275, you have to push one side down pretty far to get the screw driver under there. Once the first edge is up it is pretty simple but i still reheated it several times after the first edge was up to aid in the process. After thats done you take out the old halo and install the new LED halo. You epoxy it in the housing, and i snipped the old halo wiring and connected it to the new ones to make it an easy fit back to the power wires. After the new halos are in its time to put your lenses back on your headlight. You use black silicon around the edges of the housing and then put the lens back on and hold it in place with vice grips for a reccommended 3-4 hours. Mine are an hour and a half into the silicon drying time. I hooked the lights up to test them before i sealed the lenses again and it is a pretty sight. I cant wait till they dry and i can see them at night. On to the fog light halos
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