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Originally Posted by Jordan View Post

Brandon was simply stating that they have one of the fastest IRS Corvettes around and all of 1132 RWHP is being put down through our suspension and drivetrain components. You have loyal dealers talking about your products and that is fine; I don't call them out.

In fact most of the fastest drag Corvettes including the fastest S/C Corvette built by ECS uses our suspension because it works and we know how to tune a chassis. It's going to be the same with the Camaro. If the customer wants a well engineered suspension made for there specific application we'll provide it.

We obviously have different ways of tuning a chassis and that's fine. I guess customers will find out when they hit the track and see who is winning and running the best times. I don't want to go down this path because honestly customers don't want to see it. What are the benefits of your products? What are the benefits of our products? That's all potential customers as well as enthusiast want to know and they can choose.

Kind regards,

Hi Jordan,

I understand what Brandon was doing and his vehicle is awesome. But a Corvette is not a Camaro. I could post videos of one of your GTO dealers doing a 9 second run , with independent suspension running Pedders suspension and his twin parachutes, and he is only at 60% throttle. But the GTO is not the Camaro.

We both offer this community a great product and it will be up to the individual owners to make their decisions as you mentioned.

We have been thoroughly tested by GM Racing and the engineers at Milford. We have been requested to license our suspension products by GM and are going thru the application process now. It has been a little delayed to to all the reorganization of GM since it has the Obama influence. Maybe we both can come up with a way to get Obama money by qualifying our poly and metal materials will make the Camaro more OBAMA GREEN? LOL

Take care

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