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Originally Posted by speedster View Post
You guys both sell and support excellent products.

We, the enthusiasts, are very appreciative that you do come on this board.

Thank You

I will toss out one more thing if that's OK:
If you know of ANYONE that may be offering HD differentials for the Camaro, please yell !! It is the one component that really has me scrambling for a solution. I have been in contact with Robin at GM, but there nothing out there yet. Any help in locating this type of unit would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Again.
Actually, I think the weak link are the axles. 2 different Pedders dealers have done programs only for manuals, and have broken axles! My understanding from GM s the diff is pretty strong. We have a special diff bushings and cradle bushing sets that are solid and a high very high dura. Drag racers and very high hp Camaros will seriously appreciate the control yet sound reducing controls they will offer.

Even though Pedders tests all of our products on the track, the emphasis for our parts, when we look at all spectrums, performance, comfort, noise abatement, durability, we are focused for serious aggressive street applications, that just happen to work on a Track as well.

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