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Originally Posted by GothamCamaro View Post
Well, just scratched a NW Suburban town that was #1 on my list before Camaro Scotty showed up.

They emailed me back last night when I asked if I was still on their "list" as promised and if they were going to sell at MSRP or close to it.

"When the Camaro finally arrives it will been very limited. We have a first several already assigned to close dealership friends and employees."

This after corresponding with the guy back in November and reminding him how my dad purchased all his Chevy's from him. Guess that means nothing to this dealership. Hoskins Chevy in Elk Grove, IL for those that are interested.
Sorry to hear that. We have no friends (doesn't sound good does it....) that we are promising our allocation to. I am confident we have room for more deposits on our first round - without becoming that QUANTITY deposit dealer we read about...If I can't get you on round one, we'll work on the next. Your flexibilty means a lot to us, and hopefully we can make it worth your while.

Too bad I don't get an allocation for everyone that would love to business with us!
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