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Originally Posted by Jchaluja View Post
That was my TT 2010 Camaro built by Intense Racing in Ohio, this car had a dyno pull less than a week ago in Ohio and it pulled 545 rwhp.....I guess I should've put the good gas on the car, based on my dyno sheet, Geoff said it was detonating and it wasn't smooth.....I'll make sure I use the proper gas next time. Thanks Geoff for everything!

It was great to see so many camaros and other nice cars, sorry I had to leave early (noon), the 95* weather did not help with my 3yo twin kids. I guess I like twin everyhting

I'll be going to the track as soon as I can, this Wednesday perhaps, but it's supposed to rain, so we'll see. I'll make sure to post some pics and videos.
Twin Turbos, Twin Kids, when are you getting the second Camaro?
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