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Clutch/transmission problem on SS.

About a month ago I was sitting at a traffic light in 1st gear with the clutch in. The light changed and when I let the clutch out it did not fully extend and the whole car shook, it was like a chattering kind of shaking. I pushed the clutch in and let it out and it did the same thing. I then took it out of gear put it back into 1st gear and the clutch acted normal.

I didn't think much of it, just thought something was sticking because the car was new. Yesterday it did it again at 1900 miles but the shaking was more violent and it took me 4 times putting in and out of first to get the car moving. This time I could smell a burning smell and I assumed it was the clutch that got really hot. Shifting through the rest of the gears went fine but now when I start from a dead stop the car shakes a little bit just before the clutch pedal comes all the way out like it's slipping or something.

I have never even done a burn out in the car so its not like I have been abusing it or anything. Any idea what the problem could be? Could the clutch need some kind of adjustment? I called the dealer and they said to bring the car in next week and they will check it out. My fear is they are going to try to blame me for something that caused damage to the clutch. They can see by the tires that I haven't been doing a bunch of burn outs or anything.

Any suggestions what the problem could be? Do you think I need to worry about the dealer blaming me for something?

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