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Quickest/Fastest L99 so far?? *ET 11.7 *MPH 123

To make a long story short because I'm tired and have to go to work in the AM...just got back from the track. I have an official timeslip with my car running 11.7 and another trapping 123mph...we are having some technical issues, the car has more left in it for sure. I raced a like 2001-2003 Vortech Mustag making mid 500rwhp, he ran 11.6x @ 126...I was a head of him until somewhere between the 1/8th and the end of the 1/4 my traction control kicked in and shut me did this twice. We were running 18" C5 Z06 wheels with 295/35 BFG DR's. My 60' was 1.84, 1/8th 7.475 @ 95.3 and 1/4 11.7 @ 103...he ran 1.93 60', 7.676 @ 94.9 1/8th, and 11.63 @ 125.98....Had my stupid TC not stepped in, based on my 1/8th I would have ran 11.4-11.5 @ 125-126mph. This and the other run where this happened were performed with both TC and Stabilitrac "ON" was giving me the best 60' to do it this way. I did try a run with everything OFF, but both times 1) didn't hit it hard enough out of the hole, 2) left it in manual shift mode and I botched the shift (started in 2nd gear on this run and it resulted in a decent 60').

Long story short best ET 11.7 Best MPH 123...Neither are at the cars limits, on a perfect pass, 11.5 @ 125 (at least) should be available. I'll have to try another night...

Timeslips and video's will follow tomorrow or Sunday.

At least for now, I think that is the fastest and quickest L99 posted to date? Probably only until Matt gets his car going with the blower and cam.

Here is a video showing my the brake lights come on before the end of the track...we'll before the mustang in the other lane...this is were the TC kicked in and shut me down...all my warning ligts in the dash came on ...BRAKE, ANTILOCK, Service stabilitrack, stabilitrac, low traction etc

2002 Camaro SS. 408 LS2. 500+RWHP/480RWTQ. Full UMI RR suspension. Koni/Strano. 295F/315R. 3500#(55/45)

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