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LOL!! Sounds very nice man. You should be able to pull a couple more horses with the higher octane. What tubo are you running and how much boost will you be running?[/QUOTE]

They have it all installed and running but are having a problem with the new twin disk clutch that they hope to clear up after the holiday weekend.

Hennessy convinced me that the Magnusson TVS2300 supercharger is the way to go on the LS3 but they're still discussing how much boost my 'built' block can reasonably run and still allow them to provide the 3 year warranty. Since I went with the fully 'built' motor stroked to 415CID with all forged/balanced/Polydyn coated internals and upgraded main caps/head studs etc (on top of the stuff included in their 'normal' HPE650) its reasonable to expect that this motor will safely put out a nice large chunk more Hp/Tq than the 592 wheel Hp they got out of the 'normal' HPE650 at 8PSI with OEM internals they have posted elsewhere in this forum that was set up for California on only 91 Octane. (93 is readily available here in TX) I'd guess that with the increased displacement and lowered compression that they'll have to run at least 10PSI, though this built motor should safely handle more than that. (Why bother with a 'forged' motor if it won't!)

Before I pulled the trigger on this project I visited their facility a couple of times and John Hennessy took me for a ride down the drag strip out back. One in their red HPE550 Camaro and a wild ride in their yellow 700+Hp ZR7 Vette. VERY nice!

I had considered doing a single turbo build with Fastlane here in Houston and Nick is a great guy with a nice shop and lots of forced induction experience so it was a hard choice. The pricing was roughly similar for my 'built' block project at either shop so in the end it was the 3 year warranty and the Hennessy name and resources that swayed my decision.
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