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Ok, ok, ok, you guys got me to join. Long time lurker, first time poster. My name is Ken and I come from Glocester....that's right: "No School Foster-Glocester" - Glocester, lol. I have been drooling over the 2010 Camaro back when it was known as a 2009. My first choice was going to be Black on Black, but seeing how I currently own a black car, and it's a PAIN-IN-THE-@$$ to clean, I decided on CGM, with Black rallys. Now, I am currently on an ABM fix and I can't decide on black rallys or white, although I do catch a lot of ABM/White rallys, both here on the forum and on Google search. So I'm leaning toward ABM/Black combo (interior - that's a WHOLE 'nother issue!)

I am currently testing the waters and went down Balise Chevy last night and talked to a Brian and a Michael (I don't recall their last names). They seemed to be pretty nice guys and Brian knew A LOT about the new Camys. I have yet to tried Masse but I am willing to give 'em a shot. Anyhow, when I am ready to bite the proverbial bullet, any thoughts as to who/where/how much it would cost to PAINT the rallys in the state??? Also, I tend to see a lot of SIMs around here (I wasn't too keen on it until I saw it in person) as well as an IOM, and apparently there are going to be a lot of ABMs (that I have YET to see and am dying to!!!). Any thoughts on what would be a unique color choice? Just an opinion is all I'm asking - kinda like buying a really cool shirt and going to a place or an event and having three other people wearing the same shirt, lol. Anyways, my apologies for a long first-post. Hope to be seen on the road sometime soon!


PS: Anyone here drive a SIM/Black Rally that was at Roy Carpenter's Beach during the 4th of July weekend?
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