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Originally Posted by Zeus View Post
C63 AMG weighs 3900lbs.

Your story is full of btw. That AMG has clocked a 3.9 0-60, and a 12.1 1/4 stock.

But its not about what it does stock, the AMG is a tuners dream because the engine it has is the same one Merc uses to put out 550+ hp. And you know how hard it is to get that out of the AMG? Try a tune.
No the AMG weights more like 4800 lbs and clocked the 60 at 4.3. And no story my story isn't bs. And who cares about a 60 time when you are already rolling in traffic. Did you not read my encounter it was on the highway moving through traffic. He couldn't follow and move like I could, I could care less about the 1320 you are quoting. and where did you get your numbers even mercedes doesn't quote those.

yeah check it out before typing false info.
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