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LOL at most people here.
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Originally Posted by Zeus View Post
It runs much better than the Camaro even in ''coupe'' form. Its faster in a straight line, and even though its only about +30hp +25lbft the car runs much stronger than the numbers would suggest and (like noted above) with a $400 tune your going to be running M5's and CTS-V's off the road. On top of that its more nimble with better steering, which I can personally confirm.
What part of this stock do you not understand. Why do you keep bringing up a tune. I never said anything about tuning or dynoing it. I'm talking about taking it out in stock form. It's a DRIVER'S race, whats so hard to understand about that. ohhhh forget it. Love the C 63 and be blind to everything I have presented it makes no diff to me. It's a great car, lets leave it at that.
Number 5952. oh yeahhhhhhh
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