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Originally Posted by ssump29 View Post
No it was an AMG I know cars, so theres no need to act like you guys know everything and everyone else is wrong. Sorry I looked at total weight, an honest mistake. The fact is the car still wasn't moving that great and wasn't as nimble. So having 25 more hp and weighing 100 lbs more isn't quite the advantage when moving like we were. If the guy couldn't drive sorry for him but he was hitting all the ins and outs just the same.

My point is, its a nice sedan but I don't think it runs as nice as a nice coupe which is what the Camaro is. Given they are about the same in performance. having 23 more TQ and 25 more hp and weighing 65 lbs more doesn't mean its just flat out a better performer and can't be beat by a stock Camaro, when more then likely it was a stock AMG also.
I thought C-63 AMG's were $189k I know CLS-63's are $200k and the only difference between a C series & CLS series is a CLS is a sedan & the C is a coupe. E-55 AMG's are $58k, maybe it was a E series AMG ?
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