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Rock and Rumble (Part 1, Rumble) SLP (Long tubes/Powerflow x Pipe/Powerflow axle back

This last week, to compliment my axle back Powerflow system, I installed the complete SLP exhaust package.

The install was done at T and T Performance in Frederick Maryland , the SLP dealer I purchased the system from. This system is first class. No more adaptors as its 3 inch end to end, and all bolts together with no customizing. Their Powerflow X pipe assembly actually includes Polished SS Loudmouth II bullet mufflers. You can buy a delete option if you like, but personally I like them
I’ve included a little video of the install, and later this week I hope to post some clips of the sound of the completed system.
TNT is partial to Camaro’s (there was a 68 w/blown 502 , a 69, and another 2010 the day I was there).
It took a good 3 -3 1/2 hours till they were happy with how everything lined up (this was their first SLP system, previously they had done ARH systems). The headers look great, nice shine and SLP logos on them.

The last pic shows the crossmenber cover. Dont bother, it wont fit if you go with the bullet mufflers. SLP will modify their instructions. As we found out, its not needed, exhaust fits nice and snug

We did a baseline dyno as well as runs, but have yet to get back on the dyno, and although the car is running much better at the strip, I could not get a good time on account of some shifting problems (seems like the car hits the rev limiter before it makes the shift now. This happened in both D and Sport modes).
This is SLPs quietest combination. The idle is a quiet rumble, but wide open after 3000 RPMS its sounds like a V12 and is plenty loud for me. The AFM is going to need some tweaking to limit the times it comes on. It’s definitely noticeable, and from what I’ve read, it’s going to be noticeable in any car with a good exhaust system.

Stay tuned for more video of the exhaust and then install (part 2, Rock). A good sounding exhaust must be complimented by a custom sub enclosure, and 5 channels of digital Alpine power in place of the factory piss ant amp.
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