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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
I'm pretty sure GM allocates based on those points you mentioned above; who can sell more of the cars as opposed to another. They learned from the GTO sales how to do it I'm confident they'll get it right this time as far as who could sell the most.

I think I remember reading (not sure) CamaroScotty saying that after the first couple rounds of allotments, it'll turn into a free-for-all.
That's still how I understand it....The Malibu started the same way -

And when open allocation starts, I expect every dealer to become even more price competitive, including us! Even those Camaro forum jumpers who in the next few weeks that will decide they better start talking to the people looking for theses cars...They'll all of a sudden want to be Camaro salesmen. BUT, if they had the passion & the love for the car and it's history, wouldn't they have been here already?
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