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so i think i broke a cv joint

last night i was playing with my car just as i usually do. and i did about a 4000rpm clutch dump going about 3 mph to spin the tires and i hear a loud snap and i slam onto the clutch and off the gas and exact word out of my mouth, "guys i think i just f*$ked something up". so i go to ease off the clutch and hear a teriible grinding noise and the car is like jumping!! So i stop and reach my hand back there and feel the right shaft. The cv boot strap was on the axle and the cv boot was not on right and i had grease all over my hand. so i got a tow to my dealership which was 5 minutes away good thing. so i have to go there today and get it sorted out. Im more suprised then mad at myself bc arent these rearends suposed to handle like 700 rwhp? And i should be right at 400rwhp. But i think the cv joints may have been defective bc if im sitting in the driveway and put it in reverse and ease out i hear a "click" on each side in the rear. then put it in first and it does the same thing and if i were to go back and forth all day like that it would keep doing it. My buddy said something may have been stretched and finally gave yesterday. Good thing for warranties. Oh and dont flame about the burnout or clutch dump, im sure you all do it
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