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Originally Posted by PsyDoc View Post
I'm sure they are equating the discrepancy between the tire tread depth from the front and rear tires to doing burn-outs, which they are likely treating as abuse. As far as the exhaust, perhaps additional performance gains that beyond "original" specs that contributed to the axle failure????

Because the OP's dealer denied it, his information is likely flagged in the system and other dealers will not be able to warranty it, even if they wanted to do so. Sucks, but some dealers are much more picky than others.
This is why it is very important to "feel out" a dealer before you take anything in for warranty work. Dealers that do a huge amount of Corvette sales and service are good places to start. Since they are more accepting of alot of performance mods. Also try to find a dealer that needs your business. Some dealers are so busy, they could care less about keeping you as a customer.
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