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Indpower said:Its a little more like, One Corvette Grand Sport 2010 (55K) plus a TT 10K.

your a little off on the TT price I get the idea though.

Yes, a new Grand Sport and an Exhaust,
or an older Corvette with lots of really cool mods.

I finally paid off my 2005 corvette..
It became my deposit for the Camaro.

I didn't want to start at LPE with a used car...
It was a nice vette too.. I had a lot (8 or 9?) of them.
It was time for something different, and I can use the back seat for the 4 year old. I always liked Camaro's.. My first car was a '67 Z/28. Wish i still had that one.. sigh..!!
My little Kimberly likes daddy's Race Car.
I can hear her little voice now...Go faster daddy! ...faster! .....FASTER!

My own little cheering section at the racetrack!
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