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rjt ordered 10-15 2ss
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Originally Posted by JesseJames View Post
Yes, and even the pennies with gas. Money saved will help him with a used/new SS with mods with a lower ins after the age of 25. I cant remember his age but remember reading his post awhile ago ( was it in the ibm thread) and the impression left was that he is still a young one.

The low end tq from V8s can be addicting ( some people hate it...noticably they where all women) and its definately missing from the LT/LS. Ontheotherhand, i've realized i drive more responsibly from take offs. The low end torque brings out the devil in many driver..including me. The LT/RS does need a little more tq for a proper fit ( 20's).
It does.I forgot I can be such an ass.especially people pushing my buttons.I'm to the point of not driving it as much now .I swear it's getting faster the more I drive it.The ss can definately get you in big trouble.I pulled a big no no the other day.I picked my son up at school.When pulling out I got in it a little,to merge in traffic.I never get in it if the cars not straight.Thank God I got a couple years under my belt.I got stickys on the back obviously they weren't hot because I hadn't been burning out ,I was just merging she started to go I got out of it got straight and just nonchalantly went on my way.It could have been very very bad.4100 miles .no tickets yet.
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