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Originally Posted by az2009se View Post
First let me say I LOVE my CGM LS Camaro 6M. I've had it just 2 1/2 weeks and I actually look forward to going to work now if just for the 10 mile drive. I love the power, the look, everything. Not a single regret. But...

I bought an Torred SE Challenger 10 months ago and from the start it always received more attention. People catch up to me on the freeway and circle around it all the time just to have look. Not that people haven't given me the thumbs up when I drive the Camaro, just not the same I park both cars far away from other cars in parking lots. The Camaro has yet to attract a crowd, while I've had cplenty of people walk out of their way to get a closer look at the Challenger. I think the lack of head turning has something to with the color. CGM with the black LS steel wheels looks super stealthy which I really like. My wife calls it the Bat Mobile.

In the end I'm happy my Camaro doesn't attract too much attention. If it were flashy I am sure I would have received a speeding ticket this morning on my way to work. I was going just a little too fast (as I tend to do more often now) just before sunrise when I passed a Highway patrol officer pointing his radar gun at everyone except me. If had been in my bright red Challenger at that speed I'm sure I would have been that cops primary target.

It's all good in the end, my 16 y.o. son gets to drive the (slow) flashy car and I get to fly under the radar in my own Stealth fighter.
I think everyone thinks it is a Camaro. I envy you for having both of these sweet cars
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