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My LS3 M6 is doing something very similar and I have the same concerns about going into the dealership. Mine shakes really bad during partial engagement in 1st and Reverse. It didn't do it when it was new. I am very gently with my clutch at all times, so I know it was nothing I did. Makes me wonder how gentle the dealership was when they had it at 500 miles to add paint sealant and leather protector, as the clutch first started to have a tiny bit of shake around 500 miles and now at 1400 miles is emberassingly bad. Regardless of whether it was dealer abuse or mine though, this is a heavy duty tranny intended to withstand hard launches and burnouts, and is way too new to be developing any problem. We should keep in mind that people were snapping output shafts and factory dove right in to track down and isolate faulty shafts. ARNE
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