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Originally Posted by ls7camaro View Post
yea the 6060's seemed to been having a lot of issues lately. So would a t-56 fit?
Sure, a T56 will way or another If you want to know whether it will be a direct bolt-in swap, then you might want to call Tremec. They might have a "beefed" up version of the TR6060 in development or available that should be a direct fit in every respect. The top photo is a T56 and the one below it is a TR6060. As you can see, the shifter location of the TR6060 looks to be a couple of inches in front of the T56 and the tranny looks like it's about 3-5" longer.

The following is out of "Hot Rod" magazine:

"T56 Magnum Tremec

Tremec's new T56 is a T56 six-speed on steroids. The Magnum ups the ante with more preicse shifts and a stronger case,gears, guts, and output shaft to increase the power handling to 700Lb-ft. Rather than forging the gears and clutching teeth all as one unit, for the Magnum, Tremec laser-welded the two together for a much more intricate design of the teeth. On top of that, the Magnum is physically narrower and equipped with wider gears as well as some extra meat to the front and rear of the main case. The T56 magnum will be available in configurations for 4.6 and 5.0 Fords, LS-series engines, and small block Chevys, but custom bellhousings for other applications will be available through most distributors.
Price: $3,000.00"
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