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The size and width of the spoiler I am absolutely in love with. It's what everyone's been waiting for - a one-piece ducktail that extends onto the quarter panels to hearken back to the 1st-gen cars. HOWEVER, that being said the only part about it I do not approve of is how much it slopes diagonally - it should only slope slightly, focusing more on going STRAIGHT up. Then again, if you look here at this side view of the SLP ZL575 spoiler...

... It slopes up the same way as this spoiler so maybe it's just a bad angle. OR, just maybe, it's possible that it's a little too tall - shortening it a half an inch or so might work wonders. The poor fitment for this prototype is definitely not helping either. Overall, I think I just need to see more pictures but either way, I think this is going to be the spoiler for me. It really is what I've been waiting for.

Oh, and just in case the SLP rep that surfs this forum reads this thread, I am asking if those hockey stick stripes are going to be available as a decal package!
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