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Originally Posted by SLP Performance View Post
Thanks for the feedback folks. Just to reiterate, one thing I made perfectly clear to anyone taking a look at the blue car - all items except for the wheels were pure prototype.

In fact, we overnighted the hood and spoiler from our Michigan facility and finished and shot them in our paint booth at 2am and then loaded our trailer at 9:00am to drive the 9 hours out to the event.

We had a contest going this weekend and that was to determine which hood we would build for the aftermarket. The choice was a hood that we had a rendering of which is very close to the ZL hood or the hood on the blue car. It looks like the red hood won, but we'll do the count later today or tomorrow.

The spoiler was also pure prototype and because we used a customer's V6 car to show, we simply taped the spoiler on to give you an idea of what was coming down the line. The spoiler is identical to the ZL575 spoiler with the exception that the spoiler extends over the body whereas the ZL spoiler stops at the trunk lid. The fit and finish will be first class, same fit and finish as what's on our Red ZL car. The production spoiler will be a light ABS part and the price will be $299.95.

As for the the RS and SS grille emblems. The parts were SLA (Rapid Prototype Parts) and the finished product will blend with the factory grille. The emblems are Unique to SLP as we've had several months of licensing agreements to finish with GM to be able to make them available. They are an official GM licensed product.

We are finishing up the tooling on many of the products and as production pieces are brought to me I will continue to show them to you and add them to the vehicles that we bring to shows. Although many of you have complained about fit/finish in the photographs, I would much rather go out to an event with a prototype item to gain feedback on potential product than to have had spent several thousands of dollars and have a product that you do not like.


David @ Team SLP
Is it an illusion that this spoiler looks a little taller than the ZL575? Then again, it's only in that one pic where it looks taller.
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