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I have to say the hood looks strange with the small opening. The red one looks better. The spoiler is nice. I would like to see more work done on spoiler options. The RS looks awful. The letters look out of place just stamped in the middle like that. The wheels are nothing special. They look like painted versions of the stock wheels. I was expecting a more aggresive look.

I agree with the other posts in this thread. If you didn't want the feedback dont post the pictures. You cant post pics and when people tell you they dont like it ask for slack and forgiveness. No one cares if you shipped them the night before or finished them 15 minutes before the photos. Obviously you were hoping the photos go you lots of positive feedback and made people want your product. You post to get opinions, dont hate on those with feedback.

SLP can be the greatest company on earth, however with these products they did not hit a home run (more like a pop up to the pitcher). Keep at it though, the more you try the more likely you are to hit that home run we are all looking for.

I will be watching to see the final spoiler options.
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