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Originally Posted by rray200 View Post
This is something I've been wondering about. Obviously the V8 model will have 400 + HP. Will the tire sizes be similiar to the concept, in terms of wider rubber in the back and smaller in the front, even with reduced rim size? If so, the wear on the very expensive rear tires will be alot with no option of rotating. Even with bringing the fenders in 5-10 mm, alot of wide rubber will be required to fill out those broad haunches.
This is a good point, and I had mentioned something about this in another thread awhile back. I would hope that GM will make it an option to have different tire sizes up front and in the rear for the reasons you stated, primarily I don't want to have to turn around and buy new tires every few months.

However, with 400+ hp, it will require some pretty serious tires to be able to transfer that power.
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