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At this point, 151.745 gallons used over 3262.1 miles ==== 21.5 mpg overall.

That's right in line with where I expected to be given my driving habits and my typical commute to work (23 miles each way - back roads with stop lights/signs, stop & go freeway, city streets). Given that I replaced my '97 C1500 (5.7L V8 AT), which averaged 13.8mpg over the same driving conditions, I'm pretty happy.

I used 84.6 gallons of gas less than I would have with my truck and basically cut $203 in fuel cost out of my budget over the last 9 weeks (approximately $90/month).

Now, it's time to start figuring out what to do about that exhaust note. Flowmaster should have their new mufflers designed specifically for the V6 Camaro out in the next couple of weeks. Hope it sounds good...guess we'll see.
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