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Originally Posted by TC View Post
Cam,CAI,Kook Headers,Stage 3 Heads(not worth the money till a better intake is available)

Nitto DR - only option for the stock wheels at this point. Being that I am not very experienced at the track I can't really comment on how good they are. I paid $570.00 installed. I'll repeat what has been posted many times on here and told to me by many people- you really need to heat them up to get them to hook up.
You combination is very close to what we did in the second phase of our Hot Rod story. Mine made 464 at the wheels and ran 115 plus in the quarter.

I took a lesson from the OP and used a set of Mickey Tompson ET Street Radials on ZO6 18" front wheels. That helped my 60'. With the Nittos I was spinning through 1st,2nd and part of 3rd gear.

My car also weighs over 4000 pounds with me in the car. I also have a bronze metalic clutch in the car. I slip the clutch and this deal holds up run after run. No stink like the stock rag clutch.

I launched this thing at 6000 RPM and it BOGS LOL. A little slip helps get the car rolling.

Good luck!

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