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Originally Posted by TC View Post
Should have gone with the smaller wheels and tires.

Anyone interested in a almost new set of Nitto DR's

How much for your clutch set up?

What did your best runs clock in at?
Ran 11.90's with a small shot before the Mickeys and Kooks headers. THat was at 118.

Added the Full length headers and the short (fugly) tires and ran 12.10 at 115.3 off the juice.

Then I tried a .063 jet at 100% on the controller. The car went slower ET spinning through 3 gears and ran the 125 at the stripe LOL. It was ugly.

I needed to make some more passes to find out what it liked but that was the last pass for the night.
We got our results so it's on to the next deal for me.

Don't know the cost on the clutch. It's probably near 500 to 600

Holley Performance Products

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